I recently watched a programme on TV called ‘I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant’. It was about women who go into labour without even realising they’re expecting and give birth to full-term babies despite having had no symptoms of pregnancy for the past nine months – or at least, not picking up on them because having a baby wasn’t even on their radar. I’ve also previously read stories in the papers about this sort of thing happening but have never actually come across anyone who’s experienced it themselves. I’ll be honest, I had this whole blog post planned about how I’m not convinced it’s truly possible and how there must be more to each individual’s story than what they’re letting on. I’ve been pregnant – it was horrendous! I was absolutely exhausted and struck with the worst “morning” sickness ever for three months – I emphasise morning because it wasn’t just for the morning but in fact all day and all night too! Then towards the end of the pregnancy I was kept up all night either by needing to wee every five minutes, the baby kicking or the fact I couldn’t get comfortable due to having this massive bowling ball-esque bump sticking out of my stomach. Teamed with the lack of periods, there is absolutely no way whatsoever I couldn’t have known I was pregnant.

So, it is really possible to get through nine months of pregnancy and then go into labour without even realising you’re carrying a child?

Think not?! THINK AGAIN!

By some very weird coincidence, about a week ago I was trawling through my Facebook and up popped a post on one of the mummy pages I follow. It was a message from a lady called Ava which basically started “I just wanted to share the shock of my life”. I read on in amazement and reached out to her to ask for more details so I could share it on my blog. This is her story….

“The 22nd of January started like any other day – I took my kids to school and then I went off to work. I spent the entire day at my desk, complaining to my co-worker that I must have slept funny because the ache in my bank was constant. Throughout the day the pain didn’t once subside and by 3 o’clock it was just getting uncomfortable. I took myself home and sat on the couch the rest of the night thinking not much of it. It wasn’t until I awoke at 3am that the pain was unbearable. I woke my husband Jarred and asked him to get me painkillers as my back was in agony. I took some ibuprofen and somehow managed to get back to sleep. 7am I was awoken to my three year old running into our room and jumping on our bed, which sent me crippled over in agony and I knew something wasn’t right. Jarred told me to stay home while he handled the kids, so I did. I tried to get back to bed but I just couldn’t go to sleep. Not only was my back aching but I now had the most unbearable pressure in my lower back and the most excruciating cramps in my stomach. Something wasn’t right and I knew it. I took more painkillers and tried once more to get back to sleep, but by 11am I knew if I didn’t seek medical help I was going to pass out from the pain and I was absolutely petrified. I called my friend Anna in tears and told her I needed to see a doctor. By 11:30am I was sitting in a hospital waiting room doubled over in pain begging for someone to make it all go away. Finally at 12:45pm I was called in and sat on a hospital bed. My blood pressure was taken and my temperature too – both completely normal. Jarred phoned and I told him I was in the hospital and he said to me ‘I’ll be right there’ and thank God he could be. By 1:45pm a doctor was in the room asking me all sorts of questions. The first one being ‘is there any possibility you could be pregnant’?I looked at him and I laughed – ‘No I said, definitely not. I had my period just last week.’ He laughed at me this time and said, ‘It’s entirely possible to still have your period while pregnant. Rare but not impossible.’ Next thing I knew I was being asked to give a urine sample so they could actually test me and see if I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it – ‘I’m not pregnant’, I said to my husband angrily, ‘They’re wasting time and this pain is just getting worse!’ But by 2:30pm the doctor was back – ‘You’re pregnant’ he said. ‘We will get someone in to have a look at this baby and see what’s going on.’ Before I knew it, someone was in the room looking at my baby on the monitor, then two people, then three and the next thing I knew there were at least eight doctors in the room looking at the screen. ‘What’s going on, someone tell me what’s happening’, I cried. Then a lovely doctor came and sat by me and she looked me dead in the eye and she said, ‘I don’t mean to alarm you, but you’re a lot further on than we expected. I’m going to have to examine you. It’s going to be uncomfortable but I need to do it okay.’ She began to examine me and then she looked up at me and said, ‘I don’t mean to alarm you but this baby is coming right now.’ Another doctor came to look and another and another. Finally it was confirmed – I was 8cms dilated and this baby was on its way. I was connected to machines to check his heart rate and midwives were called. An hour later I was ready to push, and so that’s what I did. At 4:47pm on the 23rd of January, 2017, my little Freddy came kicking and screaming into the world. There were tears from me, the midwife, the doctors and of course my husband Jarred. We couldn’t believe it, the doctors couldn’t believe it. I was the talk of the hospital and I had so many people stopping in to look at this little miracle laid upon my chest. After many examinations to make sure everything was normal I was able to take my Freddy home. I just wanted to go home and be with my family. I hadn’t told anyone what was going on so it was going to be a complete shock to everyone. However before we could go anywhere, Jarred had to rush out and buy a baby car seat! I couldn’t believe this little miracle.  My dad was watching the kids so we went to his place first. I walked in and I said to him, ‘Hi dad, come and meet your new grandson’. He rushed over to me, looked at Freddy, looked at me and then looked at Jarred. I nodded and said, ‘Yup, I had no idea either’ and he burst into tears. That was the reaction we got from most people. Everyone was blown away. I still am even now, nearly a week on. The whole experience has been nothing short of a blessing but it’s also been a complete blur. Everyone has been so kind to us and donated so many things to us. We’ve done a lot of shopping much to the credit card’s disgust but it’s all been worth it. Freddy is the most incredible, calm little baby. He sleeps amazingly, feeds well and he has completed our family. I just can’t believe he’s mine and he was inside me and I didn’t know. He’s not even my first – I already have a six-year-old and a three-year old. People say to me, ‘How could you not have known?’ but I honestly had no symptoms. Not a single one. I knew straightaway with my first that I was pregnant. I just can’t imagine my life without him now – I’m on cloud nine! He’s our little surprise but the best surprise in the world!”

So there you have it. I have been well and truly proven wrong! I know what you’re thinking – even if she didn’t have any symptoms she must have looked pregnant right?! Wrong! This is a photo of Ava (left) at eight months pregnant!!! Safe to say you literally wouldn’t have a clue!

I may have previously doubted the possibility of this happening, but I am now 100% convinced that it is in fact feasible. And also absolutely cr*pping myself that it might happen to me! haha

Then again, how could you possibly complain if there’s a little baby as gorgeous as Freddy waiting for you at the end of it….

Thank you for sharing your story with me Ava. Now, go and enjoy that beautiful little baby of yours <3