Coronavirus – the ups and the downs!

So, here we are, nearly nine weeks into lockdown thanks to Covid-19! It’s certainly been an experience, that’s for sure! Stuck at home with two children and expected to homeschool, entertain, feed, water, exercise and nurture the pair of them whilst also taking care of the house and trying to keep my beloved little business afloat…. I’ve survived, but only just – and thanks, in most part, to wine….and gin…..and the odd vodka!

But do you know, whilst there have been obvious disadvantages to being stuck in lockdown this whole time – not being able to photograph being the saddest one for me – there have been some real positives to come out of the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ situation.

Nope, not convinced?

Allow me to elaborate….

  1. My boys have become closer than ever! They’ve always gotten on (mostly) but the bond they’ve created over the last few months is truly wonderful and has been lovely to witness. They’ve played far more together than previously – outside on the trampoline and inside with trains and cars – and it’s now clear quite how much my youngest looks up to my eldest. He idolises him and no-one can make him giggle quite as hard. Even when they’re sat on the Kindle they’re playing racing games together….I really hope they don’t miss each other too much when schools/childminders reopen 🙁
  2. My husband has been home! OK, he’s been working mostly during the day, but he’s normally based in London which means leaving the house at about 6am and not getting back until almost 7pm. Currently he starts works at 9am (after having gotten up with my youngest so I can doze for longer) and then finishes at 5pm to help with dinner, bath and bedtime. It’s normally at this point that I crack open a bottle and escape for some peace and quiet in the bath. It’s been lovely to have some help but also for us to be able to eat earlier, cook healthier and just generally tackle things together which I would normally be left to handle on my own until he walks through the door at 6.50pm!
  3. I feel fitter than ever! OK, I know this sounds a bit crazy, but I have been absolutely smashing the virtual workouts. Not only can I exercise from the comfort of my home – I can do so wearing just pants and a sports bra if I like (and remember to turn off the video on Zoom haha). My classes are only half an hour long but that’s 30 minutes for me to focus on myself and work up a sweat before a day of dealing with the kids! I should add, I would probably be even fitter if I hadn’t discovered a love of baking during lockdown….thank God for my exercise classes to balance out all the white chocolate cookies I’ve been demolishing!
  4. I feel positively revitalised. No, not because of the exercising or all the calories in the cookies…..because of sleep!! I actually think I’ve slept more in the past few months than I’ve done for years and years! The reason….my eldest gets himself up, goes downstairs and puts the TV on so we don’t even know he’s awake. Pre-lockdown my youngest would normally wake up about 7ish, at which point I would have to get up anyway to start preparing for the school run. During lockdown, he’s been going to bed a bit later which has meant he’s been sleeping in longer. He generally wakes up about 8am, at which point my husband goes to get him, takes him downstairs, puts him in the high chair with some cheerios and comes back to bed. We then both doze until 8.45am when my alarm goes off ahead of my exercise class at 9am! It’s been absolutely bliss! No stress of school runs, no ‘put your bl**dy shoes on now’ arguments….the laidback lifestyle is certainly something I could get used to! It’s been quite nice not having to run around like a headless chicken in between drop offs, pick ups, after-school clubs, swimming etc. The highlight of our day is a late afternoon scoot down the road….and the lack of cars out means the kids feel safer than ever!
  5. I’ve realised I can go and extra day or two without washing my hair! Being in lockdown means no-one has to see me, so I started pushing the hassle of hair washing from two days to three days….OK, I admit, sometimes I even went to four! And do you know what – it wasn’t even that bad! So from now on, I will wait a minimum of three, meaning less water used and less money spent on shampoo and conditioner. Bonus!

As mentioned, with the positives do come negatives; our house is a tip since the cleaner hasn’t been here; our weekly food bill has sky rocketed with a husband and two growing boys here all day every day eating me out of house and home; our alcohol intake has doubled if not tripled (anyone else finding themselves drinking EVERY DAY?); and the car battery says low every Wednesday when I go food shopping as it’s been used so little over the past few months!

But, in a weird way, I’ve kind of enjoyed lockdown! I’ve missed photographing beautiful babies and fabulous families like you can’t imagine, but I’ve filled the days spending much-needed time with my own family. And that’s time I have cherished and will never forget!

I think a few changes will definitely be made to our lifestyle when we finally get back to normal life. Or should I say, the “new normal” post-Coronavirus pandemic!